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How to use the firewood fireplace of TOP1?

Publish time:2022/12/26 11:26:09

There is no doubt that the firewood fireplace is the best choice for domestic heating in some areas, but it may also become the most dangerous potential safety hazard due to the existence of open fire, so you need to take maximum precautions through the use and maintenance of the firewood fireplace and the prevention of emergencies. You also need to check the fireplace and chimney regularly and be prepared in case of emergency.

Use of Firewood Fireplace

1. Combustion safe materials

Only burn natural log materials in the firewood fireplace, and do not introduce other foreign matters: including cardboard, newspaper or paper scraps. These substances will not burn well, produce a lot of smoke, and release chemicals into the air. Only pine needles or small wooden sticks are used as igniters, and dried logs with a length of 30 cm or less are used as fuel.

The use of hardwood (such as maple and oak) in the firewood fireplace will reduce the amount of carbon and ash in the chimney. In addition, please avoid burning wet or cutting untreated wood directly, because it will also produce a lot of smoke and combustion effect is poor.

2. Do not use gasoline for combustion support

Never pour gasoline into the firewood fireplace. Because the gas is volatile, it is easy to lose control and cause fire. We can use lighters and matches to light small piles of kindling, and then add logs in a moderate amount.

3. Correct ignition

Properly and efficiently light a fire in the firewood fireplace, which can make the burning long and effective, and also reduce the smoke and dust escaping into your house. To ignite correctly, first place the kindling in the furnace, add wood after ignition, and ensure that there is air circulation space. If there is no air flow, the fire will be extinguished immediately.

When you add logs to a fire, be sure to gently place them on the logs or ashes that have been burned. The number of logs added at one time should not be too much, otherwise the fire is not easy to control, and the cost economy effect is not a good choice.

Before putting any wood into the firewood fireplace, remember to open the air door first. People usually forget this step, and the closed air door will cause the furnace to smolder and make the house full of smoke.

4. Ash shall be removed after each use of firewood fireplace

Before you light a new fire in the firewood fireplace, you need to clean the ashes left over last time. This will help keep the firewood fireplace clean and beautiful. After all, the site is clean after the work is completed.

You can buy ashtrays at the hardware store. Consider purchasing other common firewood fireplace tools, such as brushes and fireplace tongs.

5. When using firewood fireplace, remember to install fireplace screen

The screen of the firewood fireplace should be at least 3 feet (0.91 m) high. If you have children or pets in your house, you must have a firewood fireplace screen. The most common screen should be made of metal wires and be composed of a flexible framework of three parts. This screen can prevent the ash from bursting out of the fire, and also has a certain protective effect on the potential risk of large logs falling.

Firewood Fireplace Maintenance

1. Check the firewood fireplace every two years

Some parts of the firewood fireplace may be broken or worn. Please pay attention to these contents before the fireplace breaks down. After the firewood fireplace cools down, open the air door (the seal on the top of the fireplace) and check the flue. The inside of the flue shall be unobstructed. Check the furnace to ensure that there is no damage or loss of refractory bricks and that the firewood fireplace (inside the fireplace) is not cracked or damaged.

2. Keep chimney cap clean

The firewood fireplace chimney cap is located at the top of the chimney: a plate sized cover attached to the top of the chimney to ensure that no animals or debris fall into the chimney. If it is blocked or cracked, the smoke will not be discharged from the chimney properly and may pour back into your house. So please make sure that the firewood fireplace chimney cap is in good condition, and there are no cracks, ash accumulation or bird nests.

3. Clean your chimney every year

Even if the chimney cover of the firewood fireplace is clean, soot will still accumulate inside the smoke pipe. This is dangerous because too much creosote accumulates to catch fire and eventually leads to a dangerous chimney fire. If there is too much ash in your chimney, there may be a large amount of odorous gas entering the house due to airflow in summer.

To clean the firewood fireplace chimney, you need a specific set of tools, which you should buy at your local hardware store.

If you do not want to clean the chimney yourself, local cleaning or maintenance services should be able to do this for you.

Also check the waterproof layer of the firewood fireplace chimney (the seal between the chimney and the roof). Make sure there is no sign of damage or wear.

4. Watch for signs of potential problems with firewood fireplaces

Even if your firewood fireplace looks good and has been checked regularly, you need to be alert at all times. Pay attention to the rusty damper or other components inside the furnace. If you see any of these signs, please carry out the necessary fireplace inspection service.

When using a firewood fireplace, you may experience a drop in airflow. The downdraft is caused by air blowing down the chimney, blowing smoke and ashes into your house. The chimney cover shall prevent the airflow from flowing forward, but if it happens frequently, please check the chimney cover of the firewood fireplace and ensure that there are no overhanging branches on the top of the chimney, because these branches will interfere with the normal airflow.

Emergency Prevention

1. Put the fire extinguisher beside the firewood fireplace

2. Installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

3. Keep the area within 5 feet (1.5 m) of the firewood fireplace clean