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How about the pellet fireplace? Is it easy to use? One minute to let you know

Publish time:2022/12/29 11:43:13

You may be familiar with fireplaces, but what about biological particle fireplaces? What kind of fireplace is this? What about? Is it easy to use? Now, this article will solve these doubts for you one by one.

Granular fireplace, which uses biomass particles as fuel, is a new energy fuel. It can be particles compacted from wood, or other organic materials, or nut shells, corn grains and small wood chips or wood chips.

The particle fireplace occupies small space, heats up quickly, is economical, practical, safe and comfortable, can be controlled intelligently, and can be used in apartments and families. It is a good real fireplace. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Small space

The particle fireplace itself occupies a small area and can be moved. In addition, after the fuel is processed by biomass particles, the space occupation can be reduced by more than five times, which greatly saves storage space.

2. Economical and practical

Granular fireplace is suitable for installation of any house type without damaging the house structure. Burning the remaining charcoal is a kind of rural potassium fertilizer widely used in rural areas, which can promote plant growth and is the best fertilizer for gardens.

3. Security

When the particle fireplace is running, it is cold outside and hot inside, that is to say, it is hot inside, but cold outside, which can reduce the risk of accidental burns. In addition, the particle fireplace can completely burn fuel, ensuring that there is almost no accumulation of impurities in the flue, which also reduces the fire hazard to a certain extent.

At the same time, some particle fireplaces also have the characteristics of automatic flameout when opening the door, no consumption of indoor oxygen, and automatic fire extinguishing when high temperature warning.

4. Healthy and comfortable

The particle fireplace heats evenly through convection and thermal radiation. The convection fresh air automatically regulates and improves the indoor air quality. The heating mode is natural and comfortable, "warm but not dry". In addition, the heat radiation of the fireplace can promote the blood circulation of human tissues, enhance neuromuscular activity, and is beneficial to human health.

5. Intelligent control system

The particle fireplace has the functions of automatic feeding, electronic ignition and automatic dust removal. After each combustion, the automatic cleaning program can clean the dust in the combustion box. As long as there is fuel in the fuel bin, all programs are automatic. Automatic ignition and automatic feeding when the machine is started. No special person is required to take care of it. You can adjust your ideal temperature at will. You can set the ignition and extinction time. One feeding can provide continuous heating for 24 hours.