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An article summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of embedded, independent, wood burning, wood particle and other real fireplaces

Publish time:2023/1/3 13:19:39

The fireplace is not just a heating device. Consumers have their own special preferences and needs when choosing fireplaces, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the common stand-alone wood burning fireplace, embedded wood burning fireplace, gas fireplace, wood particle fireplace and open fireplace? Today, I will summarize them in an article!

1、 Free standing wood burning fireplace


1. The independent stove can be entered at any stage of decoration, with more interior design options;

2. Each side of the furnace body can dissipate heat, and the heating effect is better;

3. On the top of the stove, you can warm tea and make soup for more fun;

4. The installation position and fireplace style can be changed at any time for easy design and replacement!


1. The whole furnace body is exposed, and there are children under three years old at home, so it is necessary to prevent accidental touching; You can add a fence around to solve this problem!

Precautions for installation:

1. Keep the minimum distance from combustibles;

2. The stove should be placed on non combustible materials, such as floor tiles and glass floor mats!

2、 Embedded fireplace


1. It can better coordinate with the family decoration style and be more beautiful;

2. The fireplace is embedded in the wall to save floor space;


1. The fireplace is embedded in the closed structure and heated by the radiation of the glass surface. The effect is slightly worse than that of the independent type;

2. The fireplace and chimney structures are enclosed in an external enclosed structure, which is difficult and costly if you want to replace them later;

3. The installation location is generally in the middle of the space, and the location can be small!

Precautions for installation:

1. It needs to be considered in the decoration design, and the water and electricity will be installed at the end of the site;

2. Non combustible materials are used for the external closed structure, and internal air convection ports are reserved up and down!

3、 Gas fireplace


1. Convenient operation and remote control;

2. Clean use, no smoke;

3. It can create a comfortable feeling of wood burning fireplace with the help of simulated firewood;


1. The gas fireplace can not be used as the main heating source, with low heat power and mainly for decoration;

2. The installation of gas fireplace is complex and needs to be completed by professionals;

3. The gas fireplace shall not be used in the bedroom space, and the space shall not be less than 15 square meters;

4. Regularly check the fireplace regulator and gas pipeline;

Precautions for installation:

At present, many local gas companies do not allow the gas pipeline to be connected to other areas except the kitchen, so you need to know the local gas installation rules in advance before the gas fireplace!

4、 Masonry fireplace


1. The crackle of firewood burning can be heard;

2. There is no glass barrier to turn off the fire, so you can enjoy the flame more intuitively;


1. The combustion efficiency of the open fireplace is low, generally about 25%. When in use, a large amount of indoor air is sucked out by the chimney, resulting in the cooling speed of the space is much faster than the fireplace heating, which is also the main reason for the poor heating effect of the open fireplace;

2. The construction of open fireplace is relatively complicated, usually large, and professional personnel are scarce;

3. The outdoor smoke is heavy. If the structure is unreasonable, the indoor smoke will be poured!

5、 Pellet fireplace


1. It uses wood particles as fuel, has a storage box and a screw feeding mechanism, and with the built-in electronic ignition and thermostatic module, it can control the fireplace combustion through a program, which is relatively intelligent;

2. No need to install vertical chimney;


1. The wood particle fireplace combustion hopper is small, the amount of single blanking is relatively small, and the heating effect is average. The flame does not have the illusion of beauty when burning wood, and lacks "comfort effect";

2. The motor and fan drive may cause noise;

3. A large amount of smoke and dust will be produced when the power is cut off suddenly when it needs to be plugged in;

Each fireplace has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to meet the needs of different people and different building structures, you should choose a fireplace that suits you!