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How to conduct self inspection and maintenance of fireplace

Publish time:2023/1/9 13:44:04

Fireplace has become a necessity for more and more families, but in daily maintenance, we always have difficulties and do not know where to start. Now please follow the steps of the small editor to tell us how to carry out the self inspection of the fireplace at any time without inviting the technology.

1、 First, clean the fireplace:

1. Clean the soot in the furnace, and use a small broom or ash shovel to clean the accumulated ash;

2. If there is black residue on the glass, stick some cooled furnace ash with a wet rag and wipe the glass surface, so that the glass can recover its luster immediately.

(Note: The glass surface of the wood burning fireplace has self-cleaning function, which can ensure the full combustion of the fire in the furnace to clean the glass carbon stains)

Tip: Never use friction cleaner inside the fireplace. Many friction cleaners will leave combustible residues.

2、 After cleaning, check the parts inside the fireplace one by one:

1. Whether the furnace body and chimney are oxidized and rusted;

2. Whether there is too much wood pomegranate oil and soot in the chimney, and whether cleaning is necessary;

3. Whether the fireplace door glass is broken or damaged;

4. Whether the damper and door handle can move smoothly;

5. Whether the ash hopper box is damaged;

6. Whether the refractory bricks are cracked or have gaps;

7. Check whether the glass sealing rope is loose.

3、 Perform maintenance and repair:

1. The metal parts (such as air door and door handle) are very durable and generally do not need to be replaced frequently;

2. The cigarette cap of the cigarette tube is blocked with soot, and tools can be used to knock the outside of the cigarette tube for self connection;

3. If the refractory bricks, glass doors, sealing ropes and other parts inside the furnace have problems, contact the technicians to replace them;

4. When the ignition is not on, check whether the damper is open and whether the wood is dry more than 80%;

5. When the new fireplace is used for the first time, the dripping of the smoke tube is caused by condensation water, and the smoke generated by the fireplace is caused by the volatilization of the gas on the surface coating, which is a natural phenomenon. It can be cured after several times of use.

As the heating decoration with the highest appearance, it is very necessary for the fireplace to be maintained. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the fireplace does not need to be operated. It is a good time to carry out simple self inspection. I hope everyone can master the method of checking the fireplace at any time.